Monday, December 5, 2016

Elf On The Shelf- A book a Day, the Elf Way

This year marks the 4th year we have adopted into the Elf on the Shelf holiday madness,  *wink*
The first year we adopted Ralphie, the second came Scarlett. Last year we adopted an Elf pet (reindeer) named Pip. This year we adopted a St. Bernard and his name is Cheerio. (Pip, Pip, Cheerio! Get it;0)

Each year my elves get creative, silly and mischievous. Our family loves this, especially me.

Last Christmas time I was scrolling on the ol' fantastic Pintrest, you know pinning more to my 1001 boards and I came across some brilliant ideas about a book a day. Here are a two examples:
Christmas Book Advent. Simply wrap a favorite Christmas story. One for each day leading up to Christmas Eve. #christmas #advent #hotm:        I love this!! Christmas Tradition - wrap up twenty-five childrens books and put them under the tree with a special blanket next to them. Before bed each evening, your kids choose one book to open and read together...until Christmas:
Just click on the pictures and you will be directed to their site.

The title basically explains itself. A book a day. Wanting to encourage my kids on continuing or pickup more on reading, I thought this was fantastic! So I thought and came up with an idea:
                               A book a day, the elf way.

I wanted to remind my kids of a few book in our library as well as add some new books to our library. So I went through our stacks, purged, carried and traded in. I was extremely picky about what books I used or bought. Searched on Pintrest as well for the best book to get the kiddos and I came up with this list:

  1. The Velveteen Rabbit
  2. Charlotte's Web
  3. Wizard of Oz
  4. Pipi Long stocking
  5. Peter Pan
  6. Jack and the Beanstalk
  7. The Witches
  8. Bridge to Terabithia
  9. The 100 Dresses
  10. Nurse Matilda (Nanny Mcfee)
  11. The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe
  12. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
  13. James & the Giant Peach
  14. Purplicious
  15. Charlie & the Great Glass Elevator
  16. D'Aulaire's Book of Trolls
  17. The Cat in the Hat
  18. The BFG
  19. 5 Children & It
  20. Rapunzel
  21. Where the Wild Things Are
  22. Jabberwocky
  23. Hansel & Gretel
  24. Ferdinand
  25. Little Red Riding Hood
  26. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
  27. Pinocchio
  28. The Polar Express
  29. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  First day was our intro of Cherrio (and his book) into the family. This was the day after Thanksgiving when the elves usually arrive. The last day, when the elves have returned to the North Pole with Santa, a treat will be left for the kids instead of a book.

  I have not done the books in this particular order, but I am set on ending with The Polar Express and The Grinch right on the 23rd and 24th of December, it's almost Christmas! Yay! I of course then made props to go with each book the elves would present to my kids each day. Let me tell ya, the elves are loving this just as much as I am. We've really gone out in our ideas and creativity. We are full on committed to this and I must say the elves are really taking this serious, full on character commitment!

 For Where the Wild Things Are, I included an indoor snowball fight kit. Some we add a movie, some candy, there will be hot chocolate, we like adding goodies to go with the books, but it isn't something mandatory.We were out of town a day, so the elves had a day off (Harry Potter Movie Marathon) so now one of the days we will do a double book feature. Versatility is the key word to this idea. You have to be, some props take a bit of prep. Be prepared to miss out on some sleep doing this as well, but  its well worth it. My kids love it! Even the older ones.

This is what our elves have been up to so far. Come back again, I'll be continuing my posting of our elf mischief weekly. If you want to follow their fun each day, follow me on Facebook, I post pictures everyday to share with friends and family.Love to have you in on the fun. Hope I helped with some ideas for you, 

A Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!!!