Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who Says You Have to Be Martha Stewart? Get Your Halloween Crafting on with A.D.

  "The proof is in the pudding."

Photo courtesy - Click to get the recipie and check out their other Spooktacular goodies

         Yep, it's true... you really don't have to be Martha Stewart to create an amazing craft. Pintrest alone gives testament to this. With so many bloggers sharing their creativity with the world, you will never run out of ideas or amazing things to make. So with Halloween nearing, why not create something this holiday that would even send crafting queen Martha Stewart giving applause.

Well, here's that perfect craft for you. Not only is it super duper easy, the results are spectacular- or rather  SPOOKtacular! Of course being an honest gal as I am, I can not take credit for this brilliant conception. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and the credit all goes to Joann's fabric store. Yep! That fabulous store with all your crafting needs as well as some nice holiday decor (I clench my coupons in anticipation for the fifteenth to get some of that wonderful  Halloween decor at 40% off- awesome!).

 So, the other day I was at Joann's in search  for some spooky fabric to make into a Halloween skirt for my thirteen year old daughter, when low and behold, I spotted the shelf. You know...that shelf filled to the brim with all those "free" craft ideas. Yep, Joann's fabulously gives out pamphlets of all kinds of crafty things for you to make and for FREE! You can find them online as well. Click here. In this fantastic stack, I found this one below and WOW!  Is it easy and fabulous!

The craft is called The Crafty Spider web.
Joann's photo

Here are the supplies you will need:

* Embroidery Hoop (size to accommodate doily)
* Doily of choice
* Spider of course (Dollar tree, Walmart, General Dollar, Joann's)
* Black Ribbon (or color of choice)
* Black Acrylic Paint
* Paintbrush
* Scissors
* Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Joann's deems this a level one (easy peasy) craft

Now here are the directions:

1. Remove inner hoop and paint the whole hoop black. ( Neon colors could be a consideration)

2.Center doily on the liner of the hoop. Hot Glue the top edge to the side of the liner. (I did not need to glue. Just pulled taunt) Stretch the doily and continue to glue each edge to the liner.

3. Replace the outer hoop. Secure the fastener.

4. Glue a spider to the doily web.

5. Cut a 12" length of black ribbon. Slide one end under the fastener. Bring the ends together and knot.

Ok, here are my photos.

I did not do the ribbon yet (didn't have on hand) but will by Halloween! I just love them. The black doily is available also at Joann's. It actually has a spider weaved into it, but my hoop was too small to show it, so I just glued  a spider onto it. I'm visualizing several of these inside my home. Different sizes, hanging together to  add to that Halloween ambiance...

Well there ya go! Easy and Amazing!

If this got you into the festive and crafting mood, well ya don't have to stop here! Click the link to my Pintrest board- Halloween Crafts  and find what other great crafts I've found. All kinds of levels, all kinds of fun!

Thanks for the drop by and Happy soon to be Halloween!

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