Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Anna Kippling Series -My YA/Teen Fantasy read…the author’s thoughts on her readers

Yesterday as I was typing away, lost in Anna’s wonderful adventure, I could not help to feel excited as the third book- The Stones was nearing completion. I then also felt a bit sad… this now meant only one more adventure with Anna before her story would be finished.
Anna’s story has not been a quick one for me. I have now reached 4 years since her start and have loved every minute of it. Of course there are other stories waiting in line, but so far none as long as Anna’s. She’s not just a character to me. She’s my friend, my daughter ( even if my oldest is 13) and a little of her is me. Her reaction’s, her personality and her love mirrors mine. For me, I say many of my characters have a little of myself inside of them, even the bad ones… only a little (I devilishly smile).
I would think every author feels sad when their story is finished. Their connection in the struggles, the achievments, the love, the hurt and every other kind of emotion felt by those characters leaves an imprint on us. Even just the little ones. I would think as each story is told, a little of me has grown, improved and appreciates those experiences. Even if fictional.
To share your story with others, is the best part. All the work and emotion put into it, has now become more than just a one woman (man) experience. The story has now become the reader’s. I appreciate my readers and their reviews. I enjoy sharing as much as writing Anna’s adventures and am giddy as I watch her audience expand.
An author is not an author without a reader. Well let me restate that… an author is not a known author without a reader. Most authors would always write regardless, but our readers bring our books to light. Readers play a very important role in this industry, just as an author does. Not just because of the roalties they bring us from our sales (for many of us, there is little to none) but because of the joy it brings to us as they read our works and then selflessly pass the word along. Word of mouth plays the lagest role in bringing an author’s book (s) to light.
As income does help employ us, it is not the sole drive. The reactions of our readers is. When a reader writes a review (they are appreciated) and raves about our story, it lifts our spirits and drives us on. When an author recieves a poor review, it does put a damper in our spirits, but never puts us to an end. For me I would say as much as no author loves recieving poor review (s), those reviews do inspire us to do better. At least the respectable ones.
So my dear readers, all readers. Do not be afraid to leave your review, it means alot. You do not have to be a professional nor do your reviews have to be long. A simple star rating means alot. A few words with that helps alot. We like your imput, it helps us to know what readers look for and what they like about our stories. Your imput also helps other readers know about our book , gives them confidence in taking a chance on it.
I am new to being an “author” and my books are far from well known. Keeping a day job is a must and reviews are a need for me. As they are slow in coming, which is to be expected, each one that comes is greatly appreciated. It helps me to know if my book was enjoyed. When you find me on FB or Twitter and take the time to tell me how much you enjoyed them, it lifts me to cloud 9. Your kindness in taking the time to leave a review is a gesture above and beyond.
So to my readers now, the ones who may have just stumbled upon me. Your wondering, who the heck is A.D. Duling and who is Anna Kippling? My apologies for my rudeness. Go to www (dot) adduling (dot) com and get to know me and my dear friend Anna. Want to experience her adventure… click the link below and enjoy the free read!
The Key- #1 of the Anna Kippling Series-


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