Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lauren K. Pomeroy--Sometime around Midnight--stories of sleep talking--share yours!

What a wonderful idea! I just had to share Lauren's post about her new book and her offer to others to share their own hilarious sleep talking stories to her growing pile of many, many belly grabbing experiences! Just read below and if you have a story you would like to submit to her, email her or click the link to her blog and type away! Don't forget to like her FB page!/pages/Lauren-K-Pomeroy/239674452720536
 and stay tuned to her upcoming book Alexander -Sacrifice.Instinct.Rebirth.

I'll let her explain now...

My new book I am creating is called SOMETIME AROUND MIDNIGHT by Lauren K. Pomeroy - this book is dedicated to the dumb, hilarious, and weird things we say in our sleep...that unfortunately have witnesses, or people who have told you what you said. Why? Well, when publishing my boyfriend's avid sleep-talk sessions to my personal Facebook Page, from him saying "there's treasure...there's the closet" to "penguin juice...over here you'll see!" to "imagination!", as well as when I talk back to him and he responds, I decided that this hilariousness is just too much to not share. However, this is an equal opportunity for the public to participate as well. Everyone is welcome to submit their stories to this book, obviously though my boyfriend's words are unforgettable, he alone cannot create a full novel. If you wish to submit your story please email me at or visit my website to comment on my blog at  for anyone wants to participate!

Let the funny stories of the deep night begin!

Good luck Lauren and I cannot wait to read!


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