Friday, February 10, 2012

The #FridayPictureShow- Week 14- go and check it out! Like Flash fiction? Find more...

Like flash fiction, wanna write a short story? 100 words or less? come and check out this fun one at
A Measure of Madness blog by: Jen DeSantis.  I participated and had alot of fun! Want to participate in others, go to these links and write away!  --#MenegeMonday -5 minutefiction -#Tuesdaytales--I love this one! --#humpdayWednesday- from Tracey's Tavern

And last a neat weekly read that all are welcome to participate- --My weekly fictional shorts on second chances...

Dear Beholder,
A written warning, use this book wisley. The feather pen to your left will be used. What is written upon a page of this book shall give you your chance. What was done will be erased, what you do in place of it will be written. Everyone deserves a second chance. What you do with yours should be for the good. If you choose to do bad with this gift, your crime shall recieve proper punishment.
The Creator

What would you do with your second chance? What happens if it is used for bad? Want to submit your own second chance fictional story, go to my webpage and contact me with it and I will post it on my blog the following week! Have a topic idea you want to challenge me with? post a comment and I'll take a wack at it!

Thanks all for dropping by, have fun writing and don't forget to like and follow the links above!


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