Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Stuff" and "Things" to take the WEAK out of your writing...

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I just love Jeff Goins! I love his mind and his advice. This man is brilliant and you will probably, no, are garanteed to hear me say this many times through out my future posts. I could get lost in his blog of vast advisable knowledge! I just have to share his great mind with others, but don't feel you have to keep checking back with me (unless you really want to, in that sweet!) Go to his blog and fill your mind!  Jeff Goins

Today I share his thoughts on something very important for writers. Weak words. Jeff shares a few, but there are many.

Words matter. They’re what make your arguments more compelling, your prose stronger, and your craft more captivating.- Jeff Goins

Here are Five Lazy words he shares:

Was, Is ,Are, Am

Have you used all or a few of these in your WIP? I have.

The word went for Jeff is boring. "I walked to the store." or "I drove my car to the store." is better.

Jeff shares a few other words to use sparingly, read his post : Weak Words

Like he says Words Matter!

Use them wisely and be aware.

Do you use the R-Word?  Do you want to spread the word to end the word? Wanna make a pledge to stop? Check it out; makes you think.

So...thanks for dropping by! Hope this share and direction to the wonderful writer Jeff Goins helps you out in your writing journey.

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