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Help Author Jeff Goins Dethrone Fifty Shades of's how...

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I love Jeff Goins; he's an all around great guy who loves to write and selflessly shares his advice with others without expecting anything in return. He has a website with an endless supply of great advice and tips that really make you think and gets you to come back for more.  I love every bit of what he writes and frequently return for more. I've even signed up for the newsletter to be sure I don't miss a thing and am very happy that I did. Click below to visit his site and see what I'm fussing about.

You'll also want to read his other books  You are a writer so start acting like it  & The Writer's Manifesto: Stop Writing to be read & Adored
You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)The Writer's Manifesto
 The Writer's Manifesto is 44 pages of great advice reminding you of why you write and the reasons you shouldn't be writing for. AFter that you'll wanna pick up his book You are a Writer So start acting like it. Get more great advice that doesn't stop just there.

Now Jeff has another book out and it is called Wrecked. Read below to find out what it's all about.
Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life

Wrecked is about the life we are afraid to live. It's about radical sacrifice and selfless service--how we find purpose in the midst of pain. It's a look at how we discover fulfillment in the least likely of places. It's about living like we mean it. It's a guide to growing up and giving your life away, helping you live in the tension between the next adventure and the daily mundane.
This book is for us--a generation intent on pursuing our life's work in a way that leaves us without regrets.
Author Jeff Goins shares his own experience of struggling as a missionary and 20-something who understands the call to live radically while dealing with the everyday responsibilities of life. Wrecked is a manifesto for a generation dissatisfied with the status quo and wanting to make a difference.

And right now Wrecked for Kindle is only .99 cents. It is also available on Barnes & Nobles too. A steal of a deal that ends August 11th. So you'll want to go and download your copy right now. Right now...hurry!

 Click here to do so for Amazon and here for B &N.

So why do you need to buy this book?

Well first, it's gonna be worth the purchase; especially since it's only .99 cents right now and who doesn't like to save a little money. Second, Jeff wants to dethrone  Fifty Shades of Grey from Amazon's #1 title on the bestsellers list. As of right now his book is at #70.

Can we help him make this happen?

Go and read Jeff's personal campagin and decide for yourself.

Remember while your there to read his other posts. Believe me, you're gonna get some some really great advice that will  feed your mind and fuel your writing.


Jeff's Campagin

By the way, my name is A.D. Duling and I'm a writer.

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