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5 Types of Platforms and 5 Surefire Ways to never get noticed...hmmm...

Jeff Goins, amazing writer of amazing advice gives 5 types of platforms and which is right for you.

1. Be the Journalist
Jeff says : "The Journalist builds his platform on asking questions". The only requisite is curiosity.

2.  The Prophet
"The Prophet builds her platform on telling the truth."  The requisite for this is a passion for authenticity.

3. The Artist
"The Artist builds his platform by creating art — whether it be music, painting, or entrepreneurship." The requirement is an eye for beauty.

4. The Professor
"The Professor builds her platform on facts and information." The only requirements is a longing to learn.

5. The celebrity
"Perhaps, the oddest type of platform to build and the most visible..."  You have to be famous for this one.

So which platform fits you? Which one will you build?
Read more of Jeff's article and learn in detail about these five individual platforms. Click here.

Ok now I'm gonna tell you 5 surefire ways to never get noticed. What?! Why on Earth would we want to go unnoticed A.D.?  I got this little tidbit from  and Steve Erry, guest blogger from says "You need to leave a trace; you need to affect the world; you need to be in the light."

He then gives 5 ways how people stay in the shadows:

1. Don't pay attention to what matters
Steve wants us to remember "What matters to you is what counts. What matters to you amounts to a hill o’ beans. What matters to you is enough."

2. Don't stick your neck out
Steve says quit hiding behind the wall, he says : "You always notice someone who stands up when everyone else remains seated." So get noticed.

3. Don't show any heart
"Science and logic are good allies to have these days." says Steve, but don't forget to have a heart. He says "You always notice someone who weaves heart, honesty and vulnerability and into their actions."

4. Don't raise the stakes
"You always notice someone who’s willing to risk their world for what they believe." It's easy to not think hard or risk little,but is that what you really should be doing?

5. Don't Innovate
You don't have to do what's expected or what everyone else is doing. "You always notice someone who builds something surprising from what’s right in front of them."

To read more, click here.

Heard of Ray Bradbury? No? What about Fahrenheit 451? Ray has 12 bits of writing advice for authors (not just for the young)

1.Don't Start out writing novels
2. You may love them, but you can't be them
3. Examine “quality” short stories
4. Stuff your head.
5. Get rid of friends who don’t believe in you
6. Live in the library
7. Fall in love with movies.
8. Write with joy.
9. Don’t plan on making money.
10. List ten things you love, and ten things you hate.
11. Just type any old thing that comes into your head
12. Remember, with writing, what you’re looking for is just one person to come up and tell you, “I love you for what you do.”

Some interesting stuff. Read the here.

Remember above all "Keep at it!"  At Making "Baby Grand", the novel (author Dina Santorelli's blog)  she wrote about author Siobhan Fallon (You Know When The Men Are Gone) whom she is currently interviewing and  asked her what advice she had for other authors. Siobhan said: “Don’t give up. Try to say things in a way only you can say them, and then just keep at it until someone notices. And eventually someone will notice.” Dina agrees.

Writer Advice: What last's in the readers mind...What lasts in the reader’s mind is not the phrase but the effect the phrase created: laughter, tears, pain, joy. If the phrase is not affecting the reader, what’s it doing there? Make it do its job or cut it without mercy or remorse.

Want some more great writing advice? Go to and they have tons for ya!
Good luck in your writing and platform building. I do agree with Siobhan and Dina...never give up!

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