Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Still want to increase your score on Klout? Here are some ways...

In light of yesterday's post on Klout scoring, I thought I would share some tips I found on increasing your score. First, it is ok to want to better your score on Klout, so don't feel bad about that, but again don't let it get the best of you either. :0)  Improvement never hurts anyone and these tips not only may help increase that score, but it can also help you do better overall in achieving your main goal. So here are some tips that can help you work towards it:

1. Build yourself a network of course! Target and engage with a network of people who would be  interested in you and your content.

  * by creating valuable/meaningful content that your network people/followers will want to share. (provide links for them to share)

   * Remember to engage! Ask questions, answer questions and converse with your followers.

    * Do not just converse with high Klout influencers. This will probably be more annoying than successful. Just keep focusing on your network strategy and your content strategy and you’ll succeed.

    * Interact with everybody.  Don’t be afraid to interact with low score Klout users. It's not going to hurt your score. By doing so you will help build their score and become more of an influencer and possibly increasing your score as well.

2. Publish! Use free publishing tools such as blogs, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter (to name a few).  These will provided you with the opportunity to have a real voice, so take advantage of these  platforms.

3. Most of all keep at it!  Don't give up! Most of all be patient.

Did you know?

Klout is more Facebook centric than Twitter.

Twitter hashtags (#) do not really help in your score. In fact Klout considers it to be gaming their system.

How Klout scores you: It measures your  “influence” across the social web by using a complex algorithm to factor as data points such items as tweets, retweets, likes, friends, status updates, comments, LinkedIn connections, etc. in order to arrive at an individual’s Klout Score.

Have you heard of Kred? It seems they are giving Klout some heavy competition. Another similar to Klout is PeerIndex.  Anyone using these two, please share your thoughts...  I shall have to register and check them out, maybe do up my thoughts in a later post. :0)

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  1. I am on Klout, but honestly, I have no idea what the heck it's for or how to use it. lol

    1. It's a great way to figure your influence in the social media and that's the main jest of it. I like it because it gives me an idea where I stand, as I am trying to build my platform as an Indie author :0)
      Thanks Patricia for dropping in!