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Author Spotlight- Sci fi Author Ioana Visan- Human Instincts

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Book Description:
Dr. Deanna Nichols is a geneticist searching for a cure to save the world. After the war nearly destroyed it by releasing an aggressive virus, it was the vaccine that killed the humanity’s chances for progress and survival. Deanna feels guilty because she has participated in creating the vaccine, and General Mackenzie never lets her forget that.

Their luck changes when they are contacted by the convicts held in a secret military prison hidden in the arctic desert. The C deviance criminals are willing to negotiate and provide unaffected DNA samples in exchange for supplies and a visit paid by the doctor herself. Suddenly there’s hope, so Deanna embarks on a dangerous journey to a grittier reality than she had expected.

Could a woman alone save the world?
The lovely Ioana Visan.

1. Where do you call home?
Iasi, Romania.
2. What is the title of your most recent book?
Human Instincts is my first novella in English.
3. What's your Genre?
Mainly science fiction with a bit of fantasy here and there.
4. Plans for a next book? Is this part of a Series?
No, it's not a series. Next to be published is a vampire novella or a were-creatures story collection, depending on which one is ready first.

5. Are you a self published author (Indie) ?
As of last week, I'm both a traditionally published and self published author.
6. Who's your favorite author?
This is the type of question I can never answer. There are too many good authors out there to list them all.
7. Your favorite book?
Dune by Frank Herbert. It's probably not the best book I've ever read, but it's the one that first comes to mind when I hear this question.

8. What book are you currently reading?
The Last Argument of the Kings by Joe Abercrombie, third book from The First Law trilogy.
9. A book you would recommend?
Mine? :)
10. How do you pick your books?
By description and reviews made by the people I know or trust. I got burned too many times because of the titles and covers.

11. Advice for other authors?
As long as you're enjoying it, keep writing.
12. Do you write under a pen name?
No, I didn't feel the need for one.
13. Where do you write?
At my desk, in front of an obscenely large window.

14. What do you wear when you write?
The clothes du jour. I don't dress for writing in particular, I dress for myself.
15. Do you have a pet (s)?
Yes, a cat. My second job is that of cat-warmer during the cold days.
16. Favorite food?
Ice cream, chocolate, potatoes, pork, not necessarily in this order and preferably not together. :P

17. If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you?
Oh, please, spare me of famous people! I'll take a cook, a maid and a carpenter.- Clever!
18. Of your characters, which one would you say is most like you and why?
The one character I initially modeled after me ended up being nothing like me so

19. What made you want to be a writer?
Definitely the fame and fortune. I guess it was the wish to share with others the worlds I saw in my head.
20. Any weird talent?
No, but if it's weird then it's not really a talent, is it? - good point!
21. A favorite quote?
Live a long and happy life. I'm not sure it's a quote, but it's a nice motto to live by.
22. What is the one thing you never go without?
Air? I'm not picky.
23. Your biggest influence?
The sci fi classics I read as a child.

24. Favorite TV show?
House M.D. for character study, The Vampire Diaries for plot twists, Supernatural for hot guys.
25. A great blog you would like to recommend for others to discover?

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Thanks again Ioana for allowing me to spotlight you on my blog. I loved getting to know you and loved your answers! Thanks to all my followers and new drop bys for dropping in and getting to know Ioana and about her book as well:0)

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