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Guest post by Author Shari Guess- Once Upon a Baby- A tale of Adoption

Once Upon A Baby- Tale of Adoption Blog Tour Stop
Welcome and thank you for stopping by! I would like to introduce to you Author Shari Guess and  her wonderful book Once Upon a Baby: A tale of Adoption. Stay tuned for my review of her book, hop on over to my Book Review page. Read below to learn the story about adopting her special bundle of joy and the inspiration to her book...
A Baby On Short Notice
Thinking back over my adoption always has me remembering the roller-coaster of many different emotions surrounding the big event. There was the waiting and wondering about the usual things any expectant couple would think about: would it be a boy or a girl? Would the baby be happy or sad? Would the child grow up to love or despise us through no fault of our own? The leap into parenthood always brings so much excitement, and in my case, paranoia!
Then there are things that adoptive couples think about; When will we be chosen? What will we say to the birthmother? How do we discuss adoption with our family and with our child? What can we do to help them know they are loved? How will I bond with this child? What about those unplanned moments regarding a new little life?
To put it mildly, I am a planner. When we adopted I had changed 5 diapers in my life-and put 3 of them on backwards! I had no experience with children and here I was about to dive in head first. If that wasn’t enough, we received ‘the call’ on Wednesday, were meeting with our birth mother on Friday and bringing a soon-to-be-born child home on Wednesday!
There was no time to ‘know’ much of my birthmother, or her family, or really to even prepare! Thankfully, we had registered early on in the process, so we immediately went into ‘auto-pilot’, throwing essentials into our shopping cart when the glorious news came. Looking back, it was all somewhat of a dream! There were gifts and showers and vacation days and new things to learn-quickly! Most women have 9 months for this sort of thing….I had 8 days!
Is there anything I could tell hopeful adoptive parents who might find themselves in our situation one fine day? About the most I can muster is to hang on for the ride! It will be one of the wildest and most worthwhile journeys of your life. Sleep while you can and work on that bucket list while you wait. After that little bundle-of-joy comes into your life it will never be the same! It’s a great experience but you won’t sleep much and you really can’t plan for it. You find out very quickly that you must become super flexible and just have to take one day at a time! Before long you truly won’t remember what your life was like before children came into it and you will be joining the ranks of parents around the world that all look at each other, sometimes like deer –in-the-headlights, silently thinking ‘I know….’!
Once Upon A Baby: A Tale of Adoption
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