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Forbidden Trilogy Omnibus Edition by Author Kimberly Kinrade


Forbidden Trilogy- Forbidden Mind, Forbidden Fire, Forbidden Life

Forbidden Trilogy
The Forbidden Trilogy Omnibus Edition has the three seperate books- Forbidden Mind, Forbidden Fire & Forbidden Life combined together as well as a lot of amazing extra content in the end. In depth questions brought up about each book, some top secret profiles of each paranormal character- really cool! Character interviews and Kimberly Kinrade's interview about the entire series revealing other projects in the works revolving around the Forbidden realm.
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Forbidden Mind-
Sam is almost eighteen and lives in a facility she calls Rent- A -Kid, where she among other Para-powered kids call home. Sam has paranormal powers- she can read minds and is "rented" out by the head honchos of this facility to the rich for their own personal gains. She is happy there, taken well care of, but is she really? Turning eighteen she is ready to go off to college, one where she can grown even more with her artistic talents, but will she be given the promised dream from the people who are supposed to take care of her?
Drake is every girl's dream guy who surfs the waves along with being that tall, ripped and handsome fellow a girl cannot help to fall in love with. He too has para-powers, but has eluded being noticed for a while now. Suddenly on the day that could change everything for him, he is kidnapped. He is held captive at Rent- A -Kid and his mind reaches out to Sam. Through telepathy the two get to know each other and find out life for them has just dramatically changed...for the worst or better is the question.
No matter, the two unite and give Rent- A -Kid the trouble that's been a long time coming...
Forbidden Fire-
Inside Forbidden Fire, you get to spend the continuation of this story connecting more with the characters, rooting for the good guys, being in suspense right along with them, and trying to figure it all out- of which you cannot. There are no predictions with this one. The storyline is great- correction- amazing,and you just cannot figure out what will happen next! Frustrating I know, but that's a positive complaint. This book draws you in just as much as the first book and keeps you hanging on by a thread (or letter) until you turn to that last page and read that last word.
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Forbidden Life-
An amazing conclusion, you won't be disappointed.
This is the longest read of the series, but so warranted.
As I came to the final page of this trilogy, I smiled happily in satisfaction along with the characters. I was very pleased with the ending and loved all of the in between. That is the key to any series...a great ending. I loved this one, but you will have to read to the end to find out how this tale exactly does end... remember I'm not giving no spoilers here.
Complex would be the perfect word to describe the story line. The predicament for Sam, Drake, Lucy, Luke and a few other characters- that rock, I must add- is the surrounding outline of this very well told tale. I loved the variation on telling the story( third person, first person), and loved the imaginative world surrounding it all created by this wonderful, imaginative author, Kimberly Kinrade.
I love twists and love constant action and adventure in my books and this book brought it. Excitement and captivation kept me turning the pages-love that even more- and once again, I was reading this story as fast as my eyes and mind could comprehend to absorb and enjoy it all. A brilliantly well told story with a great ending.
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I was given a copy of this book for an honest review in return, in which I gave my whole hearted honest review. This was an amazing trilogy and I highly recommend this for your next read. This offered combined set with bonuses is a great deal that you should definitely take advantage of.
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