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Book Review of Forbidden Fire #2 of The Forbidden Trilogy by Author Kimberly Kinrade

I was sick for a bit but feeling much, much better and of course eager to share my review of this wonderful book by author Kimberly Kinrade- Forbidden Fire. Click HERE to read my review of the first installment of this amazing Trilogy- Forbidden Mind. Your gonna love reading this right along with me...hurry and catch up before I finish the third and last installment - Forbidden Life- you'll enjoy the ride. Just click on the link above or to your right to purchase your copy! Now onto my review!
Forbidden Fire (Forbidden #2)

Review of Forbidden Fire- Book #2 of the Forbidden Trilogy

 It is well appreciated when a sequel is even better than the first book. That is a must  that is demanded by us readers and Forbidden Fire gave me exactly that- it was amazing! The story of Sam and Drake continues with new characters and more twists that makes this story a suck- you- in- wanna- know- what- happens- next- now- kind of amazing!

Inside Forbidden Fire, you get to spend the continuation of this story connecting more with the characters, rooting for the good guys, being in suspense right along with them, and trying to figure it all out- of which you cannot. There are no predictions with this one. The storyline is great- correction- amazing,and you just cannot figure out what will happen next! Frustrating I know, but that's a postive complaint. This book draws you in just as much as the first book and keeps you hanging on by a thread (or letter) until you turn to that last page and read that last word.

Another Bazillion star review for author Kimberly Kinrade! Now a little what I liked about the storyline and the wow factors that I liked (without spoilers of course).

Sam- who is still pregnant with her super para-power kid with Drake, is now rid of the Rent-a-Kind facility and trying to help free the other kids still there. At the same time she is still trying to elude the bad guys who are trying to get them both back. She is also torn over what she can do with her para-powers (mind control) along with another side effect thanks to the Rent-a –kid jerks (trying not to spoil there).

 With the help of old friends of Drake's and reconnecting with the wonderful twins- Lucy and Luke, they work towards figuring this all out and getting their fellow para-buddies freed too from theRent- a–kid. I have to say Lucy draws forward in this story and is one tough chica!

 Beware of a Mr. Black and the Seeker. Again…there are twists and you’re gonna love this book! I cannot wait to dive into the last book of this amazing trilogy- Forbidden Life.

Stay tuned for that review in which I can at least predict this- another Bazillion star review!
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  1. Thank you! I'm so glad you loved the book. It was a lot of fun to write, especially some of those twists! :P

  2. I loved the way it all came together and played out...just loved it Kimberly, thank you!

  3. Great review! I'll definitely check it out! :D

    1. You'll enjoy this series Liesel, thanks for the drop by!