Monday, November 26, 2012

Forbidden Life- Book #3 of the Forbidden Trilogy by Author Kimberly Kinrade- My Review

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Forbidden Trilogy- Forbidden Life- Author Kimberly Kinrade- Review
Forbidden Life (Forbidden #3)
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As I came to the final page of this trilogy, I smiled happily in satisfaction along with it's characters. I was very pleased with the ending and loved all of the in between. That is the key to any series…a great ending. I loved this one, but you will have to read to the end to find out how this tale exactly does end…I am giving no spoilers here.

Complex would be the perfect word to describe the story line. The predicament for Sam, Drake, Lucy, Luke and a few other characters- that rock, I must add- is the surrounding outline of this very well told tale. I loved the variation on telling  the story( third person, first person), and loved the imaginative world surrounding it all created by this wonderful, imaginative author, Kimberly Kinrade.

I love twists and love constant action and adventure in my books and this book brought it. Excitement and captivation kept me turning the pages-love that even more- and once again, I was reading this story as fast as my eyes and mind could comprehend to absorb and enjoy it all. A brilliantly well told story with a great ending.

Story sum up:

Drake has disappeared, having lost his powers and Sam is left alone to give birth and deal with life- well not entirely, she does have friends. Lucy and Luke (the twins) have teamed up with IPI to take down the head haunch of the Rent a kid facility, Steele, going to another location to rescue the younger paranormal’s.

Simmons the lady in charge of IPI, wants to take Steele down (rent a kid creator) and with the help of Lucy and Luke she hopes to accomplish just that. A solider of hers, Hunter joins the mix. Of course a romance comes about between the two as well as a lot of growing up for Lucy. Amazing things surface in this third installment that is unexpected, very imaginative, but fits right in with the tale.

I hate spoilers, but still want to clue readers in on how amazing a book is, especially one that deserves such the praise. You will not be disappointed with Forbidden Life and from my interpretation; I believe this isn’t the end of this paranormal realm created by Kimberly Kinrade, of which I am very pleased to know. I look forward to reading the next series in the works and have now become a lifelong fan of the author.

 As I was given a free copy of this book for my honest review in return, I have done exactly as such. This is my honest review of the book, without any spoilers of course. :0)


  1. Thank you SO MUCH! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the series!!!! :)

  2. One word- AWESOME! Thank you Kimberly!