Thursday, June 21, 2012

Author A.D. Duling- The Other Vampire Cover Reveal!

Today I typed the last word of The Other Vampire, sequel to my Urban Fantasy One of Them.

Evie has now become a vampire, but learns as she goes; she has also become something else. Retaining the traits of her attacker Jonas, Evie not only has the advantages of what comes with the Vampire breed, she now has the advantages of what comes from the werewolf as well; but with a twist.  With genetics, no two things form equally and through genetic history passed down from one generation to another; Evie has picked up her father’s traits and when she shifts, instead of becoming the creature the werewolf encompasses, she shifts into a wolf like him, better known as the shape-shifter.
With both characteristics, Evie has created a new species and a greater kind at that. Bending time is no longer a Bender quality, Evie has picked that up too and even more, she can also see as one “bends” which no other Bender can do that.  Long ago when Michael had told Nathan he was the last of their breed, he was right. A new breed has been brought forth, a new and stronger force that would only consist of one and would come in the form of Evangeline.
New trouble comes to Bigfork and to Evie and the others who stand with her. This trouble comes in a form too and he is ready for the challenge and for the hunt.
He is the other vampire…

 It's always an exciting moment for a writer/author when they finish a story or a book. This one by far was an exciting as well as twisting adventure and there is some great news to go along with it...Evie Patterson's story isn't over yet! Yup...there shall be a third installment to this series. The other Vampire is due to release late September 2012, so just a little while longer!



Lincoln Bender may call her the ea singulus unus or the single one, but Evie learns she is also classified as something else; The Dhampir. She may not be the child of a vampire and a human, but the rules of these mythical creatures were never implied to be set in stone. After all they were supposed to be fictitious and who ever said there couldn’t be variations to the breed. However with this particular breed, Evie discovers it also comes with some downfalls and she now has to figure out how to overcome them as she tries to destroy the threatening vampire, Lincoln Bender. New discoveries come to light along with new allies and enemies entering the mix.

Lincoln Bender isn’t a foe so easily taken down and has avoided such the outcome for a very long time. It’s clear Evie has picked her side and Lincoln Bender isn’t too happy about that.  It  takes two to play the game or make the fight, but Evie Patterson isn’t so easily scared off. She also isn’t called the single one just for the calling. Even though her changed state may be flawed, there are  some advantages to being the only one and this gal plans on reminding Lincoln Bender of just that.

There is an old saying …If you dish it, be prepared to take it…

The other vampire will soon regret that he ever did dish it ...
Stay tuned for the cover reveal on this one.

thanks for dropping by and sharing this exciting moment with me!


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