Friday, June 1, 2012

Come and meet Fantasy Author June Spears- Blood Moon Chronicles

I would like to introduce to you author June Spears. She is a new up and coming Indie author of The Blood Moon Chronicles (4 books) First is Concieved, followed by Bitter Sweet, Reunited and Imprinted. Look out for the fifth book to the series called Goodbye. Thank you June for allowing me to spotlight you on my blog. It's always nice to meet new fellow Indie authors and get to know them more.

1. Where do you call home? Georgia
2. What is the title of your most recent book? Imprinted (Book Four in the Blood Moon Chronicles)
3. What's your Genre? Fantasy
4. Plans for a next book? Is this part of a Series? Next book is called Goodbye, and is the fifth book in the series

5. Are you a self published author (Indie) ? yes
6. Who's your favorite author? P. C Cast
7. Your favorite book? Little Women

8. What book are you currently reading? Awakening by P.C and Kirsten Cast
9. A book you would recommend? Sense and Sensibility
10. How do you pick your books? I read a wide range of books, usually depends on my mood.
11. Advice for other authors? Get your work out there, you never know how good you are till you try.

12. Do you write under a pen name? No
 13. Where do you write? I have to write late nights when my baby is sleeping cause I'm a full time worker and mom by day.
14. What do you wear when you write? Lol Pajamas- No worries, so do I :0)

15. Do you have a pet (s)? no
16. Favorite food? french fries
17. If you were deserted on an island, who are 3 famous people you would want with you? Einstein (to work to get us off) Taylor Launer ( to keep me company) and my daughter cause I can't go without her.

18. Of your characters, which one would you say is most like you and why? "Zelenia" she is based off of my childhood.
19. What made you want to be a writer? It just came to me one day. I sat down at the computer and in a months time I had written 6 Novelettes.

20. Any weird talent? I can wiggle my lips like a fish, lol
21. A favorite quote? Live, Laugh, Love
22. What is the one thing you never go without? Isabella, My daughter - That's my oldest daughter's name!

23. Your biggest influence? Hilary Clinton, She inspires me.
24. Favorite TV show? Glee
25. A great blog you would like to recommend for others to discover? - aww shucks! Thanks June!

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