Wednesday, June 13, 2012

July 4th Random shares- books,gadgets, and recipies

I like to get random sometimes. Randomness is fun, so lets have some, shall we?
July is coming up and this means Independence Day! (my hubby's b-day by the way!)  Many celebrate this day with fireworks, barbaques,parties, etc...

Wanna impress your guests? Of course!

Pier 1 has some flag lantern string of lights to light up your event!
Only 12.74 right now!
Need some plates to show your patriotism?
Claudia Pearson and Indigo Collection has a set for you: Click plates to purchase!

Now you need something good to fill that plate, now don't ya? A burger sounds great, doesn't it? How about a Beef Portobello stack one?

Looks good doesn't it? Click here to get the recipe, courtesy of

Wanna easy dessert for the occasion? Here's one again from I just love this magazine!!!

Click here for the recipe!

Now about the bug problem...what are we gonna do about those mosquitoes and other annoying flying insects?
Target has a nice gazebo net canopy for ya, that will impress the guests!
Right now they have a temporary price cut of $199. and always FREE shipping!

Need a less expensive price to ease the pocketbook?
Walmart has this one for only $98.!

Click on pics to go to sites!

Wanna save even more moola, but wanna protect the guests....

These suggestions will save you a bunch of bucks and your guests! You can find these items almost anywhere!

Have a bug indoor problem?

My Critter Catcher may be just the thing for you! go to and for $15 dollars you can catch and dispose of your crawly critter without even touching it!

Pretty impressive, huh!

Thinking of just celebrating the event with some quality alone quiet time? Wanna curl up with a book maybe? Here's a suggestion:
The Chaperone by: Laura Moriarity

Gonna celebrate the day of Independence pool side?
Shabbyapple. com has some suits for ya!
Click pic to go there!

There you go! Have a great and safe Independence Day from yours truly A.D. Duling!

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  1. Have fun at your hubby's b'day party. (BTW, that portabella burger makes me hungry just looking at it.)

    My hubby's b'day is this Saturday--a movie and dinner for us.

    1. Thank you Connie and doesn't that burger look yummy! We shall be devouring those yummy licious masterpieces this Independence Day! Thanks for the drop by! Happy Birthday to your hubby and enjoy your date!