Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you heard of the Cancer Climber Association?

I was going along my Twitter followers list to thank my new wonderful followers and came across the name Sean Swarner @seanswarner. I like to get to know my followers and click on the links to their blogs or books. I read his little blurb under his profile and had to click his link below. I was then directed to his website and learned about his amazing story and about his Cancer Climber Association.

Cancer Climber Association

The Cancer Climber Association (CCA) offers hope through inspiration. Our mission is to help those touched by cancer by focusing on living an active, healthy lifestyle.

CCA will serve its mission through inspirational stories, adventure grants, a mobile camp, and personal visits to patients by survivors. CCA was founded in 2001 by two-time terminal cancer survivor and elite mountaineer, Sean Swarner and his brother Seth, CCA is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.
(This is what it says on the website- )

Here is a bit about Sean Swarner and his story:

Sean was diagnosed with two different and unrelated forms of cancer, once at the age of thirteen and again at the age of sixteen. Despite a prognosis of just fourteen days to live and having been read his last rights, Sean astounded the medical community when he survived both these brutal diseases.Sean realized that after defeating cancer twice, no challenge would ever be too great, no peak too high.

He went on to climb Mt. Everest with only partial fuction of his lungs! This man is an inspiration to all and does just that. He visits hospitals and inspires others with cancer, to fight for life and to know that it is possible to defeat Cancer. He is now preparing to go on a Kilimanjaro expedition and you can too! He is offering a package price to take this 6 day expedition & 5 day safari and Wow! It looks fun and challenging (but not too bad)! $500 dollars of your package price goes to support Cancer Climber. So what a great deal, you get to walk away with quite an experienceof a lifetime (that trust me not many get to brag about)and contibute towards the support of a wonderful cause.

Check out Sean's site and learn more about Cancer Climber Association. Not many of us can afford an amazing trip like this now, but we can contribute something. A small donation, a share and even just words of encouragment can do alot. Maybe just using his example in our lives,by visiting local cancer patients can be our give. I love these kinds of stories and the wonderful people who give us these stories to tell. Thank you Sean Swarner for you inspiring example and have fun at Kilimanjaro!

A.D. Duling


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    1. That is wonderful are you a cancer survivor Devante? Did you work through Cancer climber? Thanks for sharing your words....