Saturday, April 28, 2012

Need to shabby up your blog? Heard of Shabbyblogs?

I noticed a very cute shabby button on Rebekah Grace- The Practically Perfect Princess blog-  and clicked on it. There I was directed to Shabbyblogs!
This was the pretty button (as you can see posted on my blog)- just click on it and it'll take you there!

Here's the link: in case it doesn't direct you there.
As you can see when you go there, I have used some of their wonderful buttons in my blog decor. I wish I could use more and am so jealous! Simply download or copy and paste html, you can even copy and paste the pics too if it's easier for you.

Discovering this wonderful blog made me think, what other amazing blog decor sites are out there! So I googled and found this one: Where I found this pretty above. There are more and they are awesome! If I had the time and the talent, I would be doing more ,but it takes little to please me and grabbing a button or two is fun enough for me! These are shared for free taking and a very kind share indeed. I could not enjoy their talented pretty little buttons without returning the same kindness in return. Shabbyblogs does have logos to post about them and please do so if you are picking buttons that doesn't advertise them. The kindness will come back ten fold for doing so. :0) What is even wonderful is using their buttons has also brought a little creativity out of me.

Both my blogs have been redone :0) Nothing super wow, but I'm pretty proud of them...te..he...
Check out my Wordpress one: see, I had fun!

If you've found some other wonderful shabby chic freebie blogs, please do post a comment and share them! If you liked Shabbyblog's beautiful shabby chic items, they also have a blogspot blog with more free buttons, turtorials, get to know the talented ladies behind them and more!

My last pretty share:

Have a shabby chic blog redesign day!

P.S. Like my signature,wanna get your own? Go here:

Push the start now at the top right under the flags...use the wizard unless you want to try writing your signature with your mouse (not so easy). From there it will let you choose font, form, size and slope. (Make sure you keep your background as transparent) When your finished under the tweet bird it will ask you three questions, push the use this signature. From there you have two choices, Html or BB, I used HTML. It will then give you the code to copy and past on your blog! FAvorite the link so you can always go there and use it!

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